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The Venice of the Alps

With its canals and medieval buildings, Annecy is sometimes nicknamed the Venice of the Alps. Populated for over 5000 years, the city has seen the Gallic, the Roman, the medieval lords and the episcopal power).



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Annecy’s Geography

Annecy is a town in the south-east of France with the Alps in the background and the lake in the foreground. The river Thiou (an effluent of the Lake Annecy) is one of the shortest rivers in Europe with just 3.5km long and most of which are the canals running through the city.
You can get there via bus tour to this particular destiny.

Annecy’s Architecture

This place is replete with cathedrals, castles and curving architecture. The Château d’Annecy, Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, the Bishop’s Palace, the church of Saint-Maurice are just a few examples of the heritage of Art and history of this place.
The picturesque old town is also famous for outdoor markets, parks with shade and picnic areas.

Annecy’s Culture

The fish, the wine and the chocolate are also emblematic, and you can not complete your tour without enjoying the cheese.
A bus tour to this lovely city will be reward with colourful buildings, endless bistros, restaurants and water passages lined with beautiful flowers boxes.You can easily spend hours just wandering over beautiful arched bridges and alongside the blue water. Not to mention the magical lake d’Annecy, where the colours of the water are endless.
Rich in cultural activities, such as exhibitions and museums, Annecy is a city for enthusiasts visitors that enjoy seeing the real action.

A bus tour is a nice way to get lost and see what you can discover in Annecy.

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