Gruyères Bus Tour

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Visit of the chocolate factory (Maison de Cailler)
Visit of the medieval Gruyères village
Visit of the cheese factory


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Gruyères Geography and History

Gruyères is in the centre of one of Switzerland’s famous regions, Canton of Fribourg, and sits at an elevation of about 800 meters, that offers some beautiful panoramas.
A bus tour to this town will enchant you by the charm of the place itself and make you wonder how really has something for every visitors.
The centre of Gruyères has an extensive pedestrian stone walkway, great restaurants, lots of souvenir shops and pubs where you can sit and drink something.
A tour will give you the chance to check the fine facades of the houses, the beautiful doors and windows frames. Not to mention the picturesque medieval architecture, which is marvellous.
It’s a great destination for chocolate and cheese lovers – Both are delightful.
In Gruyeres, you can find chocolate and cheese factories and two cheese museums, one very modern, one ancient.

Gruyères Culture and Architecture

Think it doesn’t get better than this? Well, it does.
A bus tour to this medieval village gives you the chance to visit the famous castle that it’s situated on a high hill with beautiful views of the valley.
There are two museums: Tibet Museum and H.R. Giger museum.
The Tibet Museum with over 300 Buddhist sculptures, pictures and ritual practices from various Himalayan regions and the H.R. Giger Museum, is a showcase for Swiss H.R. Giger who have an Oscar for the special effects he produced for the movie “Alien”.
History still alive and well in this town, so don’t get surprised if you bump into somebody dressed up in traditional clothing.
“Filling a space in a beautiful way” – Some exceptional art and exhibitions are also housed here.

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