Peaugres Safari Parc

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Includes 1 hour on safari with bus plus free time plus three hours of pedestrian circuit.



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About the Peaugres Safari Parc

This is a park in the Rhône-Alps region that provides a very intense immersion into nature.
A bus tour offers you the chance to get a profound experience, where you can enjoy seeing various animals very close and increase awareness of nature and the living world.

Snowy owls, pelicans, leopards, wolves and elephants are just a very short example of all the kinds of animals you can find here.
Peaugres Safari Parc covers an area of 80 hectares and has about 900 hundred animals from 5 different continents. The original vegetation has been used to create a natural surrounding for all the species and promote the wildlife.

The Safari Park is larger than a zoo and smaller than game reserves, filled with almost an infinite variety of creatures. It is perfect for entertainment, special events, lot’s of activities and see the animal kingdom from a different point of view.
A bus tour to Peaugres Safari Park takes children and adults on a real journey to the heart of the earth, which is a unique place of communion between man, beast and nature.

Meet amazing animals. Every animal has a lesson to teach us.
Take a bus tour and get ready to learn a lot with and about them.

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